The “yellow vests” movement, a letter to our english-speaking friends

12-01-2019 Politique Raymond Desmarées

Yellow vests dancing in the street, while blocking the traffic at the Hope crossroad in Belfort, France.  Thomas Bresson

You probably heard about “yellow-vest” riots in Paris. Please beware the sensational headlines. This is  not an urban guerrilla: the fights in Rio’s favelas can be described as such, not those in Paris. We are not in the middle of a civil war, Yemen is. Words have a meaning. However impressive the images, nicely created by aggressive and clever police moves such as encirclement, and despite the many wounds and mutilations amongst the protesters, violent events remain limited in scope. For several years, the riot police developed strategies to surround protesters, block them, limit the duration of protests, harass them with tear gas and dangerous weapons such as flashball guns. The result is guaranteed: the government obtains a good reason...

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